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More than just a prayer app

A tool that empowers Muslims to improve their own condition - starting with prayer (salah).

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Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves - Surat Ar-Ra`d [13:11]

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An honest way of doings things


Download an app made by Muslims. We believe building an app like this is an amaanah and will always have your best interests at heart.


All your location data remains local (i.e. on your phone). It never leaves it! Therefore, it's impossible for us to see it.

Free with no ads.

Ads don't belong on a religious app. You simply shouldn't be subject to spam ads when wanting to pray. That's why we've kept Pillars clean and simple.
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Pillars is a new app built by Muslims with a long-term vision to elevate our Ummah (Muslim community).

We have many aspirations. However, recent events have highlighted the importance of trust in our community. Therefore, in the short-term we will focus on Prayer (Salah) by building an elegant ad-free app that prioritises your privacy.

However, we don't plan to stop there.

The only way to improve our Ummah's condition is to empower individual Muslims to improve themselves.

That's why we're building features to help Muslims improve their individual condition in multiple aspects of their lives - from the spiritual to the non-spiritual. These are all important and interlinked.

We believe that as a community of 1.7 billion people it's time we stopped relying on others and built our own solutions.

Join us on this journey and please keep us in your duahs. Subscribe for email updates.

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Prayer Times

Day View
Two screen designs for day and night with prayer timings automatically adjusted based on your location.

Multiple calculation methods available including the Moonsighting Committee, ISNA and Muslim World League.

Location data never leaves your phone.
Night View


Quickly and easily identify the correct direction towards Mecca for your Salah (prayer) with our simple and elegant Qibla.

Qibla automatically adjusts based on your location.

Again, location data will be accessed by the app (for it to work) but the location data never leaves your phone.


Simple and elegant widgets that you can add to your homepage.

Easy and quick to view at any time of the day.

More sizes and colours coming soon!

Multiple Prayer Calculation Methods

Multiple prayer calculation method options to accomodate Muslims around the world!

Simply select your preferred method and calculation times will be updated accordingly.


In collaboration
Identifying problems our community face is the first step to solving them.

That's why we've partnered up with Muslim Census* to help empower our communal voice, highlight issues we face and fight disinformation in the media against Muslims.
* Muslim Census is an independent organisation committed to collecting representative data from the Muslim community.


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