Frequently Asked Questions

If you've got a question about Pillars, there's a 95% chance the answer is on this page.


Why am I not getting any Pillars prayer time notifications?

First go through the following checklist:

  • Turn on notifications in your main Settings app
  • Turn on notifications in the Pillars app (settings page)
  • Ensure your phone is not on Do Not Disturb mode (this can often block notifications)
  • Navigate to the Prayer page on the Pillars app and select a prayer time. Ensure 'Notification' has been selected for all the relevant prayer times (triggers test).

Once you click 'Notification' this should automatically trigger a test notification too. If this option is already selected, please select 'Silent' > close & re-open the app > select 'Notification'. If you do not receive a test notification the issue has not been fixed. Please follow the steps above carefully again or contact us via email or Twitter DMs.

Android users - some phones have a 'battery saving' feature that reduces the activity of apps in the background, resulting in missed notifications or the arrival of all notifications at once. You may be able to adjust these settings to 'allow' Pillars not to be included. Alternatively you can turn off this battery saving feature completely (this may not be an option). It's also likely that over time your phone will 'learn' that you regularly use the app and therefore begin to show you prompt notifications (however this may take some time).

Why am I only getting prayer time notifications but no athan sounds?

There are one or more factors that could be causing this issue. Here's some steps you can go through to try fix the issue.

  • Ensure your phone is not on silent or do not disturb mode (this can often silence notifications & sounds)
  • Turn up ringer & alerts volume in settings
  • Ensure notifications are on in the 'Settings' page of the Pillars app
  • Turn on the Adhan for each individual prayer time by selecting each one in the main prayer page.
  • Android - go to the Pillars app in settings and ensure 'allow sound' is turned on

You can now do a test to check whether the adhan is now functioning. To do this navigate to the Prayer page > select a prayer time > click 'Adthan'. You should see a test notification & adhan being played (if it's already selected try selecting another option, close the app and then select 'Adhan' again). If you do not hear the adhan the issue has not been fixed. Please go through the above steps carefully and ensure you've done them all. Otherwise, please contact us via email or Twitter DMs.

Why can I only hear part of the athan?

Apple - unfortunately, Apple have a limit on the amount of time a notification can play sound (e.g. the athan). Therefore, we've had to cut the athan to only the first part. We hope that Apple will remove this limit in the future but for now this is our only option.

Android - this is rarely an issue with Android issues. You should hear the entire athan. Please contact us via email or DMs if you have this issue.

NOTE: If you are not hearing athan at all please look at our other questions & answers on this page to solve this.

Why have I suddenly stopped receiving prayer time notifications?

If you were previously getting notifications as normal and are now suddenly not getting any notifications at all there are two possible explanations:

  1. Change in settings - a recent change in the Settings app or the settings or prayer page on the Pillars app may have resulted in this. Please follow the checklist in the relevant section of the FAQs to remedy this.
  2. Inactive app - some phones may stop app notifications from appearing if it considers the app to be 'inactive'. This happens when you haven't opened the Pillars app in a while (usually over one or two weeks) and can often be the case if you are completely reliant on the widget, for example. To overcome this issue open the app every few days. Notifications begin to re-appear.
Why am I getting late prayer time notifications? (Android)

This usually occurs if the Pillars app is on the 'battery optimisation' list which can often stop apps from working in the background.

Simply remove the Pillars app from the list in the battery optimisation section of your settings to resolve this issue.

Why does the prayer notification toggle in the Settings page of the Pillars app keep turning off?

This usually occurs when notifications are switched off for Pillars in the main Settings app on your phone. Please ensure this is on to allow the notification toggle to be switched on in the Pillars app.

Why do the prayer times on the Pillars app differ to my previous timetable?

The slight difference could either be due to differences in a) the prayer calculation method, or b) location being used on the app (compared to your timetable).

The prayer times on the Pillars app are calculated using two factors: your location and the calculation method (methodology) selected in the settings page. If these are the same then the prayer timetable you are comparing our app against should be exactly the same.

Therefore, the most likely explanation of differences in prayer times are differences in location (e.g. if you live in a different part of the city to your mosque despite the same methodology you might encounter slight variations between the app and timetable), or that the methodology of your current prayer timetable is different than the one selected in the app.

To help you the Pillars app has an option to automatically default to the most common prayer calculation method depending on your location (e.g. in North America it's ISNA).

What should I do then? The safest option is to ask your local imam regarding the preferred calculation method. If the option isn't available on the Pillars app it most likely will be coming soon but you should use your local prayer time as directed by your imam in the meantime! We will also be including mosque prayer times on the app in the future inshaAllah.

The calculation method for my country isn't available on the Pillars app, what options are coming soon?

We are aware that our app does not yet cover all the different calculation methods for different regions of the world. This is one of our main priorities for upcoming updates to ensure the app is accessible by all.

We will start with the following countries:

  • Musulmans de France (ex-UOIF) (France)
  • Umm Al-Qura (Saudi Arabia)
  • Diyanet isleri Baskanligi (Turkey)
  • MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura) (Singapore)
  • Malaysia

If your calculation method is not shown above and is not already on the app, let us know by sending us an email

NOTE: We will also be giving users the ability to set their own custom angles and fixed adjustments soon.

How do I receive my mosque's prayer timetable on the Pillars app?

At the moment it is not possible to follow prayer times of individual mosques. However, we're looking to add this feature in the near future inshaAllah.

For now you can try to identify the calculation method used by your mosque for their prayer timetable and select the same calculation method in the settings part of the Pillars app.

How can I adjust the Fajr & Isha angles used to calculate the prayer times?

At the moment you can only select from preset calculation method options in the Settings section of the Pillars app. InshaAllah we will soon be adding a feature that allows custom angle adjustments.

How can I adjust prayer times (by a few minutes)?

This is not yet an option. However, we are looking to add this to the Pillars app very soon inshaAllah.

All the prayer times in the Pillars app match my timetable except for Fajr & Isha, why is that?

There are differences in how Fajr & Isha prayer times are calculated (e.g. some use a specific angles, other use fixed periods of time after Maghrib). In this case, the most likely reason is a difference in the angles used to calculate Fajr & Isha.

The safest approach is to speak to your local mosque's imam and ask about the opinion / methodology you follow. This may match an option already available in the Pillars app. We are looking to add more calculation method options, custom angles adjustments and time adjustments to ensure more people have their preferences available on the app.

What are the available high latitude rules?

At the moment we have the following two high latitude rules available:

  1. Middle of the Night
  2. Seventh (7th) of the Night

We will be looking to add a third option (Angle-based method) soon inshaAllah.

Why is my app not updating from my old location?

The app regularly updates the location and re-calculates prayer times accordingly. However, this can sometimes take a while to occur / refresh. We're working on changes to help make this more seamless.

For now, you can try the following two methods to update your phone's location:

  1. Simply press your location in the Qibla page (this refreshes the location)
  2. Quit the app and relaunch it
My compass is pointing me in the wrong direction.

There are two main reasons the Qibla may not be functioning correctly: a) compass is not calibrated correctly b) metal interference (e.g. metal cases)

  • Metal interference (e.g. magnetic cases & nearby objects) - these can disrupt the native compass function of the phone which by extension results in an incorrect Qibla.
  • Incorrect compass calibration - you may need to recalibrate the compass using the figure-of-eight movements in the air

Here are a few steps to help resolve this issue (try in order):

  1. Remove all phone cases & attachments - even if you don't believe this is the cause of your issue, this step can help exclude a very common factor.
  2. Terminate & re-open the app - this will help to 'reset' the Qibla
  3. Attempt a 'figure-of-eight' recalibration - draw a figure of eight in the air to recalibrate the Qibla
  4. Restart the phone
  5. Delete & reinstall the app (rare circumstances)
Do you have plans to include an Apple Watch App?

Yes, inshaAllah. Whilst we don't yet have a release date this has been an extremely popular request. A recent poll showed around 32% of Pillars users have an Apple watch too. As a result, we've decided to move this feature up our roadmap.

Do you have a Qur'an feature (planned)?

No, nor do we have plans to include a Qur'an on the Pillars app in the future.

Instead, we highly recommend you checkout Tarteel.AI. We are in regular contact with their founders and are working closely to support one another and ensure our apps can fulfil our community's needs to the best of our abilities.

How can I donate to Pillars?

Whilst we consider it a huge honour for individuals and even companies to financially support Pillars, we took a decision early on in our launch not to accept donations. There are a number of reasons for this but we will highlight three for now:

  1. Time investment - in the early days of launching our app the main investment has been our co-founder's time. Therefore, taking on donations with no clear idea on how the money will be spent felt uncomfortable to us (and potentially a conflict of interest if we were to pay ourselves a salary).
  2. Accountability - taking money in the form of charity is a huge responsibility. We are accountable for each penny we spend and it would be our duty to ensure all money is used in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This is a huge burden to shoulder so early in our journey. In line with our values, we would also want to publish public reports on how any money would be spent. For a small team, this is a lot of responsibility to be taking on in our early days particularly when we want our focus to be around building the best app possible for our community. Therefore, to focus on providing the best value for you, we decided to turn down offers of donations.
  3. Future plans - inshaAllah we have exciting plans to provide our users with amazing extra value in exchange for their financial support. These updates are coming soon and will inshaAllah provide a win win situation for everyone. We will also have a 'Supporter' option too.
Why is my widget not showing the same prayer times as the app?

It can sometimes take a short while for your widget to update once you've changed your location (even if your app has updated). We're working on ways to increase the rate that the widget refreshes to ensure you have the most accurate prayer times for your location all the time. However, you can manually update your widget by quitting the Pillars app and relaunching it.

How do I add the widget to my home screen (Apple)?

Simply long press on your home screen until you see a + sign in the top left corner of your screen. Press this button and scroll down until you see Pillars.

NOTE: This is different to the old method of adding widgets to the notification centre on iPhones.

If you are having any issues, please check that your phone is updated to the latest version of iOS. If you don't see this option try reinstalling the Pillars app.

Do you have widgets available for Apple & Android?

Yes, you can add a Pillars widget to your android or iOS phone.

NOTE: Android widget was launched mid-August 2021.

Why does the Fajr prayer times on the widget not match?

If you are looking at your widget after Isha time you may notice that the Fajr time at the top (indicating Fajr for the next day) is different from the Fajr time at the bottom of the widget (Fajr time for current day). This is because the Fajr at the top indicates the time for the next day whereas the Fajr time at the botton indicates the time for the current day sometimes resulting in a few minutes difference.

Why is the Islamic calendar showing the wrong day?

At the moment, the app will indicate the calculated Islamic date. However, this can differ by ±1/2 days from your calendar due to a number of factors (e.g. differences in calculations and sightings of the moon). For example, the calendar will change days at midnight rather than at Maghrib. inshaAllah we will soon allow individuals to adjust their calendar by ±1/2/3 days in the settings page to ensure it aligns exactly with their current calendars.